DIY Tutorial - Diaper Motorcycle for Baby Shower

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DIY Tutorial - Diaper Motorcycle for Baby Shower

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If you're looking for a fun alternative to making a diaper cake for a baby shower, look no further. Behold, the diaper... motorcycle. Perfect for any rad parent of a new baby.

Although I don't have detailed photos of how I constructed it, I'll do my best to describe it for you. I used various gifts I made as well as some I purchased. If I made them I'll link to the tutorials below.

Here's what you'll need and what it translates to on the bike:


  1. Roll 2 diapers together (should look like a cinnabon :) and tie a rubber band around them. You will need two of these cinnabon diapers. This will be the center of the wheels.
  2. Stack diapers around the cinnabon diaper rolls until a full wheel is formed. Tape the perimeter of the wheel to keep all the diapers in place. Tip: This part could be tricky if you're doing this alone, so try to grab help if you can.
  3. Wrap and tape ribbon around each wheel to cover the tape.
  4. Once you've got both wheels made, connect them using ribbon or fabric to create the frame of the bike.
  5. Use the hangers to prop up the wheels. I used 1 in between the wheels and 2 on each side of the back wheel.
  6. Place the burp cloth on the back wheel to act as the seat of the bike.
  7. Place the bib on the front wheel to act as the mud flap.
  8. Time to make the headlights. Tape or rubber band the 3 baby bottles together. Roll the blanket and wrap around the bottles. Use a rubber band or ribbon to tie the excess blanket and to keep the bottles in place. The excess blanket acts as the handlebars. 
  9. Gear up Curious George with his biker shoes and knit helmet.
  10. He'll sit on the bike with the blanket and bottles resting on him. If this doesn't feel stable, use ribbon/fabric to tie them to the motocycle.
  11. To make the "road", use the whiteout tape to draw a dashed line down the black foam board. Tip: Put the motocycle in place first then draw the line next to it to ensure the white line isn't covered by the motorcycle. Mine took up the majority of the 20x30 board.

    There you have it. I hope you were able to follow along to make your own diaper motorcycle. If you made one or have any questions leave us your comments below, we love hearing from you!

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