About Us

IZZAROO - About Us
Hi, my name is Mary To-Saturnio and this is my amazing family. Next to me are my loving husband, Chris Saturnio and our sweet kids. In case you're wondering, the name IZZAROO™ is a combination of our kids' names. 
The idea of IZZAROO started when we realized we lived a distracted life that was full of excuses and distractions. We spent all day with our kids and failed to truly connect. Our kids needed us to be present, to play with them, to create something, to explore new places and things.
I started IZZAROO™ to empower families to build stronger connections to create a life that is meaningful to them through creativity and intention. I discovered that life is full of moments and when those moments are filled with play, creativity, exploration and doing good deeds together, a strong family connection is made. IZZAROO™ is a true testament to the way we live life and what makes us happy. I hope you find something that inspires you to live with intention to build a stronger connection with your family while you are here. 
We offer digital planning products and handmade t-shirts with an empowering message to #PLAYmore, #CREATEmore, #EXPLOREmore and #BeTheGOOD. On our blog, we offer DIY projects and creative ways for families to connect. 
Here's a quick look at how we like to:
What drives us, is our passion for helping others and giving back. As part of our mission to Be the Good, a portion of each t-shirt sale is donated to organizations that help underprivileged youth. We do this because we believe ALL children deserve a life filled with play, creativity, and exploration. We are confident there is good in the world, and together, we can Be The Good. Come join us in this movement to #BeTheGOOD.