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Great Quality!

Such a fun company. My kids love their shirts. The quality of the shirt is outstanding. Its NOT some cheap-o brand that is going to be thrown the the back of the drawer or bottom of the closet. So soft and comfortable you could just LIVE in them. The product comes professionally packaged and fast! I felt like I ordered from Amazon Prime! I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Great message & shirt

My 4 year-old son absolutely loves his "Be the good shirt." I've already washed it several times because he always wants to wear it and it's holding up so nicely! Still so soft! He loves sticking his hands, toy cars and rocks in the front pocket. I like having him wear it because I love the message - be the good. Izzaroo is more than just cute shirts for kids! Each shirt comes with ring cards of simple and fun ideas of ways to Play, Create, Explore & Be the Good for parents to keep. These ideas have been my "go to" when looking for something to do each afternoon. I'm giving Izzaroo shirts as birthday presents for all my friends' children this year!

Cute and comfy

My kids love the pocket feature of the shirt. I love the tent design!

Adorable and comfy!

My daughter and I LOVE this tee!!! It is so cute, so comfy and has a GREAT message. I love that this company gives back and has a noble mission.

Play more, create more shirts

I bought two shirts for my boys, Ages 5 and 9. The boys love their shirts because they are so soft and comfortable. I was afraid they would shrink in the wash but actually, to my surprise, they didn't. They are good quality shirts and the boys love the extra Side Pockets to put their Newfound Treasures in when we're out and about. We've gotten quite a few compliments on the shirts and the creative design and the fact that they encourage play and creativity. The boys are happy and Mama's happy as well!

Comfort and Style

Loving our Be The Good tee! I bought this shirt for my little girl about a month ago and she loves it.. and by loving it, I mean, she wants to wear it all the time- like while crafting, playing in the mud, and eating messy things. After many much needed washes it still looks brand new! Amazing quality. It fits narrow and long, perfect to be paired with leggings. And the pocket!! I cannot tell you how many people stop is to check out that sweet little addition to our favorit shirt. All the heart eyes for this one!! :heart_eyes:

Not just for KIDS!

This TriBlend is awesome! Its the kind of quality that you'd get paying $40 at a high end retail store. Don't just treat your kids to new threads, grab one for yourself like I did... I was NOT disappointed! Keep up the great work Izzaroo!

The perfect summer tee

My 4 year old son loves his new shirt!! It washes beautifully, is super soft and runs true to size.

Cute and comfy

My son loves the tape design. Super comfy and the pockets are a kid favorite!

Adorable & Unique

I love the side double heart pocket on this shirt! Material is so soft! This shirt looks adorable on and is so unique with the double pocket!

Comfy & Cute

I have a spunky 3 year old girl who loves to run through the park, chase guinea pigs through the house, and jump in puddles... a modern day adventurer :) We love the fit of the Create More shirt. It's a slim fit to accommodate our daughters mobility with the cool pocket in the front for her newly discovered treasures.

Fun print, soft material, kids being kids!

What a fun t-shirt to remind us about what it really means to be a kid! My 4 year old likes to collect little rocks to hide in her little side pocket.

Super soft & creatively designed

My daughter and I just love the super soft, creatively designed matching t-shirts. It's always special to wear them. Ava loves the pocket designs and always finds a little treasure to put in it. She can't wear hers without me wearing mine.

Inspired to get outside

My son absolutely loves his Izzaroo t-shirt. It has inspired our family to get outside, explore and play more.


My daughter and I LOVE this tee!!! The t-shirt quality is so comfy and has an awesome message. One of the best things about this company is their belief in being a humanitarian and giving back to those less fortunate. Keep up the great work.

Comfy and cute!

My 2 boys ages 4 and 6 are enjoying their Izzaroo shirts. They are comfy and cute. The shirts are perfect for their everyday use. Even after several wash the material stays the same.

My daughter LOVES her Izzaroo shirt!

She is always on the move! Shirt is so soft and comfy! Great product! Would recommend and has recommend to everyone we see.

I love my Izzaroo shirt!

The fabric is so soft and comfortable, and I love the message of getting outside and exploring! I also appreciate that a portion of proceeds is donated to support charities with a similar mission. A note for sizing, I am 5'8" and 160lbs, and the men's small fit me best since the women's sizing runs pretty slim (even a large was too tight on me).