Family Campervan Adventure at Thousand Pines Campground

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Family Campervan Adventure at Thousand Pines Campground

We just got back from one of the best weekends EVER! We went camping at Thousand Pines in Crestline, CA to celebrate Chris and Zander's birthday and it was FULL of fun and adventure. Here's a short video of our AMAZING camping trip that I just posted on our YouTube channel.

Here are just some of the fun things we did:

⭐️ Camped inside Tiny (using the bunk system Chris designed)
⭐️ Had an early morning scavenger hunt for birthday gifts
⭐️ Watched an Outdoor movie (Meet the Robinsons - great growth mindset movie)
⭐️ Conquered challenging ropes courses
⭐️ Went on a super fun off-road adventure tour
⭐️ Practiced archery
⭐️ Found a painted rock that looked like a hotdog
⭐️ Shot BB guns for the first time
⭐️ Spotted wild deer all over the campgrounds
⭐️ Had a birthday Zoom call
⭐️ Tried some challenging mountain bike trails
⭐️ Played in an awesome treehouse
⭐️ Rode on a fun dirt bike track

To see all the photos and videos from our amazing trip, watch the video.

Having our campervan has been such a blessing already. We're looking forward to all the memories to come.

We'd love to hear your recommendations for other fun, family-friendly campsites. Leave your comments below.

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