DIY Tutorial - New Baby Gift Set (Free Patterns)

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DIY Tutorial - New Baby Gift Set (Free Patterns)

After having 5 girls (in a row) my good friend was recently blessed with a beautiful baby boy! In honor of this lucky baby # 6, I made 6 baby gifts especially for him. The gift set included:

  1. Baby blanket
  2. Bib
  3. Burp cloth
  4. Soft block tag toy
  5. Pacifier leash
  6. Soft crib shoes

These make perfect beginner projects to make for your own baby or as a handmade baby shower gift for someone special. 

DIY Baby Blanket

DIY Tutorial - New Baby Gift Set

Made with super soft minky and light-weight cotton, this blankie is perfect to snuggle up with. Check out this free and easy tutorial for a baby blanket.


DIY Tutorial - New Baby Gift Set

To catch all the dribble and preserve that cute outfit you just bought, this bib does the trick.  I roughly followed this free tutorial but used velcro instead of snaps.

DIY Burp Cloth

DIY Tutorial - New Baby Gift Set

To preserve your clothes from babies mishaps, this burp cloth gets the job done. Here’s a free and simple tutorial to make your own.

DIY Pacifier Leash

DIY Tutorial - New Baby Gift Set

Never use the 5 second rule for the pacifier again. This free tutorial is from one of my favorite blogs.

DIY Soft Block Tag Toy

DIY Tutorial - New Baby Gift Set

I think it’s hilarious how babies love tags/ribbons so much, why not make a toy full of them?! I followed this tutorial and even added some crunchy plastic inside for added fun.

Soft Crib Shoes

DIY Tutorial - New Baby Gift Set

This is the only pattern I purchased. I added buttons for extra flare.

There you have it. 6 fun, cozy, cute and of course, handmade gifts to welcome one very loved baby to the world. Who are you making these gifts for?! We'd love to hear from you so leave us your comments below.

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