25 Positive & Growth Mindset Phrases & Affirmations

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25 Positive & Growth Mindset Phrases & Affirmations

25 Positive & Growth Mindset Affirmations

1. I am unique and it is my greatest strength
2. I haven't figured it out YET
3. I easily handle whatever comes my way
4. All is well and I am safe
5. My creative potential is endless
6. I stick with things and don't give up
7. I strive for progress, not perfection
8. I bring so much value to this world
9. I cheer myself up when it gets hard
10. I am a problem solver
11. I use my Super Powers to help others
12. I embrace new challenges
13. I choose to have a positive attitude
14. I am brave enough to try
15. I improve with a lot of practice
16. I am open to learning new things
17. I try different strategies
18. I allow myself to play and be silly
19. I ask for help when I need it
20. I learn from my mistakes
21. I choose to have an amazing day
22. I create the future I want
23. I go beyond the ordinary
24. I strive to do my personal best
25. I can learn anything!

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With the start of the school year, I wanted to create this resource to help parents and kids develop a growth mindset, the belief that a person's capabilities and talents can be improved with time and effort. 

If you're not familiar with the growth mindset, here's a chart that will explain the difference between a Fixed Mindset & Growth Mindset.

FIXED Mindset GROWTH Mindset
  • Success comes from talent.
  • I'm either smart or dumb.
  • I don't like challenges.
  • Failure means I can't do it.
  • Feedback is a personal attack.
  • Your success is a threat.
  • If it's too hard I give up.
  • Success comes from effort.
  • I can grow my intelligence.
  • I embrace challenges as a chance to grow.
  • Failure means I am learning.
  • Feedback helps me grow.
  • If you succeed, I'm inspired.
  • I keep trying even when I'm frustrated.


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