Secrets to a Great Marriage - Mindful Moms Movement Podcast EP009 with Yana Gil de Montes

Secrets to a Great Marriage - Mindful Moms Movement Podcast EP009 with Yana Gil de Montes

Hi Friends, 

On this episode, marriage coach, Yana Gil de Montes shares some great, tangible tips on how to create the marriage of your dreams.


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In This Episode Mary & Yana Discuss:

  • How to identify inherited and learned traits of marriage
  • Stories and limiting beliefs that affect our marriage
  • The secrets to creating a great marriage

Mentioned in This Episode:


About Yana:

Yana is a transformational marriage coach that is passionate about helping women transform their marriages and live the lives they love.

There was a day that Yana was sitting on the couch with her husband, crying (sobbing actually), feeling hopeless and desperate… telling him that HE RUINED HER LIFE!  


After having that conversation, turned that near divorce catastrophe into a relationship and marriage that is UNSHAKEABLE. She took her relationship back one conversation and one day at a time. And now, she has created a marriage that is better than anything that she could have known and imagined. She has learned to communicate with her husband about anything…. And when they argue, she has created the tools to get through it in 10 min or less.

She has been training and developing herself for over 14 years to learn these transformational tools and after applying them in her marriage, she is now teaching them to other women so they can create the marriages they love.


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On the show Yana shares some great tips on to create the marriage of our dreams.
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