DIY Bicycle Basket Liner and Cinch Bag

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DIY Bicycle Basket Liner and Cinch Bag

I'll admit, I'm completely spoiled by the weather in Southern CA. Almost everyday is perfect for a bike ride. Don't hate.  I've had this cruiser for about 3 years now and always just dealt with my phone, wallet, water bottle, etc. getting tossed around while I ride and trying not to lose control while fumbling with the contents.

And so the challenge began... Make a basket liner that could hold all my junk (phone, wallet, glasses, keys, water bottle) and usually Chris' and Zander's junk too (jackets, toys, etc.)

I searched the world wide web in hopes of finding a pattern/tutorial that would fit my basket, exactly. No such luck. I found this tutorial, but it wasn't much help. I only used it for ideas on pockets. I had to face my fear and make my own pattern, eek.

Surprisingly, everything went smooth.  I made the pattern and sewed everything from scratch. I even made it into a muli-functional cinch bag... to carry all my junk when i"m not biking.  Serious, could not be more proud of myself. It turned out pretty awesome.

IZZAROO - DIY Bicycle Basket Liner and Cinch Bag

Hope this inspires you to face any fears you have about sewing, and just do it. 

I would love to hear what you think of this in the comments below.

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