DIY Tutorial - Double Layer Lace Dress

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DIY Tutorial - Double Layer Lace Dress

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For once, I decided to make something for myself! I got inspired by this dress I came across while cruising through Pinterest (my newest obsession). This was the very first dress I’ve made – ever, so of course, I didn’t have a pattern or any clue how to make it. Needless to say, I winged the whole thing.

Rough instructions:

  • I used one of my fitted dresses and a jacket to draw the pattern for the lining and dress.
  • Cut front and back of lining. Sew top shoulders together and the seams down each side. You should have a long sleeveless lining dress now.
  • Do the same for the top lace layer
  • Turn both layers inside out and sew around the neckline.
  • Run dress right side out. You should now have a double layered sleeveless dress.
  • Attach the sleeves
  • Luckily, the dress fabric doesn’t fray so I was able to cut the scallops at the ends of the dress and leave the edge raw.
  • Start to finish, I completed the dress in one evening – 3.5 hours (Project Runway style).

I was thrilled that:

  1. It fit.
  2. It didn’t take long.
  3. It looked good enough for me to wear to a wedding the following week!

I hope this inspires you to make something special for YOURself!

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