50+ Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas for Couples

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50+ Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas for Couples

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Are you looking for some fun stay-at-home date night ideas? We've got you covered with over 50 creative in-home date night ideas for couples. Carving out time for date nights can be a challenge, especially when it means coordinating childcare for a date night out of the home. For Chris and I, having 1:1 time with each other is so important and requires us to be really intentional and creative with our time to make it happen. Although we love having nice date nights out on the town, we also love the ease and comfort of having them in our home. Best of all, most of these are super budget friendly. Next time you can't coordinate a babysitter, or just don't feel like going out, or you're on a budget, try one of these fun in-home date night ideas for couples!

Chris and I actually reserve every Thursday night as our weekly in-home date night. Each week, we pick from this jar. We wrote numbers on small pieces of paper that coordinate with this list. We pick a number and use this list as a reference.

Stay At Home Date Night Ideas for Couples

Here we are playing a fun game of Get-A-Grip.

  1. Snuggle up and look through our old photo albums
  2. Get cozy and watch our wedding video and photos from our wedding album
  3. Decide on a dessert and gather some conversation starters and have them over candlelight
  4. Look for a new game we can play together 
  5. Research massage books for techniques and try them on each other
  6. S'mores and stargazing in the backyard
  7. Give each other ultimate hand and foot massages
  8. Make chocolate-dipped everything
  9. Watch a documentary
  10. Research and practice Kama Sutra
  11. Paint together: get a large canvas and a variety of colors of paint and start painting; rotate the canvas every 10 minutes or so and finish each other’s work
  12. Play strip poker
  13. Have a video game night
  14. Dance to some of our favorite songs
  15. Go through our memory boxes together 
  16. Indoor picnic
  17. Stargaze in the backyard
  18. Do a crossword puzzle together. Here's a fun adult version.
  19. Watch YouTube videos and learn new dance moves
  20. DIY facials
  21. Make a dessert together and eat it
  22. Watch a show together
  23. Give each other back rubs
  24. Make a craft together
  25. Recreate a previous great date at home
  26. Learn a new card game for two players
  27. Play horse with a small ball and trash can
  28. Take the Enneagram test
  29. Learn a new skill together 
  30. Organize your photos together (can be great for walking down memory lane)
  31. Put together our annual family album
  32. Watch or edit home movies together
  33. Collaborative drawing
  34. Watch inspirational YouTube videos 
  35. Collaborative coloring
  36. Read a book out loud
  37. Write 10 things you love about the other person and read them out loud on our date
  38. Try a new exercise together like yoga or Zumba; you can find instructional videos on YouTube
  39. Play MadLibs. Here are a few fun adult versions they have: After Dark and Just Married.
  40. Play Would you rather
  41. Paint mugs for each other
  42. Write out the story of how you met and fell in love
  43. Take a personality test
  44. Play Twister
  45. Tell scary stories and use a flashlight for added drama
  46. Build a fort and snuggle up
  47. Answer connection questions
  48. Learn each other's love language
  49. Plan your dream vacation

Stay at home date night ideas for couples

I hope this encourages you to plan your own stay-at-home date nights with your partner. Do you have any ideas we haven't listed? Let us know in the comments below and we'll add them to the list! We're always look for fun new ideas.


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