Letter To My Child's Teacher


Letter To My Child's Teacher

Our kids just started first grade and pre-k this year. First day drop offs were still tear-filled and bittersweet.

We recently stumbled upon this amazing letter, written by Denyse Whelan.

It is meant for parents to give to their child's first teacher; however, we felt it was so powerful, we modified it slightly to give to our children's teachers this year, even though this isn't their first. Our plan is to give it to every new teacher our children have going forward - it's THAT good!

Thank you, Denyse, for putting into words what we feel and helping to ease the nerves of so many parents on the first day of school.

With no further ado, here's the letter:

Dear Teacher,

I am entrusting this much-loved piece of my heart to you, each day.

My child. My whole reason for being. My love.

You are the FIRST person after me to take my child, and teach my child, care for my child and nurture my child.

Will you listen, and take your time, and remember that sometimes a look is better than a shout? Will you take notice of my child?

And take my child into worlds where there'll be stories, play, fun and more?

I hope my child is as precious to you as they are to me. Each day when I leave, my child becomes yours for the day.

And when I return, one of your children becomes mine again.

A hand to hold, a tight hug, a smile.

Waving back to you, as we leave.

Thank you for being my child's first teacher and educator. After me of course.

Best regards,


Our hope is that this letter reminds you of how important you are in your children's lives as educators. You will always be your child's first and most important teacher in life.

IZZAROO - Quotes to live by

(Check out more great quotes in our blog post Quotes To Live By.)

For anyone that comes after you, may this letter help you entrust they will love and teach your child as their own.

We'd love to hear what you think of this letter in the comments below!

As I mentioned earlier, our plan is to give this letter to every new teacher our children have going forward - it's that GOOD!

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