Halloween 2006 - DIY Tutorials - Gassy Duo Themed Halloween Costumes

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Halloween 2006 - DIY Tutorials - Gassy Duo Themed Halloween Costumes

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We look forward to Halloween every year simply because it gives us an excuse to be creative and silly – well, okay, we need no excuse for that do we?

Each year we think of a new theme and this year chose a "gassy duo" theme. Here's a look at how we made our DIY gassy duo themed Halloween costumes.

DIY Whoopee Cushion Halloween Costume Tutorial:


  • We used tan felt because it was what we had, but I think Pink felt or red would look more realistic 
  • Black marker


  • Cut identical front and back pieces of felt
  • Cut an oval in the front for head to fit
  • Sew along the edges leaving 3 openings (2 for arms and 1 for legs)
  • Draw image from Whoopee Cushion onto felt using black marker

DIY Fat Naked Guy Wearing World's Largest Underpants Halloween Costume Tutorial:



  • Cut and sew body suit using nude fabric
  • Sew on chest hair and draw on belly button
  • After putting on body suit, put garbage bag inside, inflate and seal.

There you have it. Fun DIY gassy duo themed costumes for Halloween.

If you make your own versions we'd love to see! Tag #IZZAROOcostumes for a chance to be featured on our website.

See our past Halloween costumes for more fun ideas.

Hope this inspires you to #CREATEmore and make lasting memories for your family. I would love to hear what you think of these in the comments section. 

To see some of our fun video tutorials, check out our YouTube channel.

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